Package Condition Guide

We are also collectors and try our best to select the best looking boxes for our inventory. However, Please be aware all of our toy packaging is subjected to standard flaws. An item's packaging may have shelf ware, dings, dents, bends, creases, scrapes, scuffs, veining and any other packaging imperfections, just as you would see in your local retail store.

We are not professional graders and do not promise specific grades such as "C10" or "Mint" condition. "Mint" is a subjective term (and arguably a matter of opinion) used by collectors. For this reason we list all of our items as “Standard Retail Grade” packaging, even if they are packaged in pristine condition.

Each product page will indicate a STOCK or EXACT photo. If for any reason you don’t see this indication on a product page, it is best practice to assume it's a stock photo. 

Stock Photos : are often used or one specific item from our inventory is used as a stock photo. Please do NOT use this as a reference for package condition unless the listing specifically states to. We obviously can not send you the exact item in a manufacturer's stock photo. Actual final product packaging styles, color, design may vary from the manufacturer stock photos.

Key Points:

  • All of our items are considered standard retail grade and may contain box ware or Shelf ware just as you would see in a retail store, unless otherwise noted.
  • Case Fresh items does not mean the item is Perfect or will grade mint
  • Not all items come unpunched regardless of stock photo
  • Manufacture Card Variations, Misspelling, Factory Error, Color Variations, ETC... does not indicate Damage…often these unique characteristics hold value to collectors
  • Pictured items used as stock photos are examples and subject to these policies

Pictured Items : Original product photos that state specifically EXACT product for sale. These items may be used as a reference to the item you are purchasing.

Our Package Grading Scale

Possible Package Flaws


  • Cracked or crushed Bubble
  • Ripped cardback

Standard Retail Grade

  • Corners may be subject to creasing, dog ears, Frayed edges, rounding, ETC...
  • Clam Shells or Plastic may be subject to Smug Marks, Scratches, ETC..
  • Cardback may be subject to Smug, Veining, Fingerprints, ETC...
  • Cosmetic paint issues may occur. Paint apps can vary. (See our Funko policy)
  • Some items may contain a price tag or sticker residue,cardback blemished due to sticker removal,Etc…

Mint / Pristine

We do not specifically offer immaculate conditions. These are sent purely by random luck. 


Crypt Raider’s Divine Selections - White glove personalized services. 

We offer personalized service! If specific packaging is a requirement for you, we ask collectors to contact us before purchasing to confirm exact condition/style. We will be more than happy to hand pick a specific item and provide exact photos to arrange a sale for an additional fee.

BEWARE: The toys in our crypt aren't dead, but their demo batteries might be. Please be prepared to have a fresh set of batteries on hand if you choose to open an older collectible. We do not guarantee the included batteries to be working and we can not test the product since the package is factory sealed.