Funko Product Policy


Product Condition and Quality : Funko does not consider inferior paint jobs, slight variations, figure positioning, sticker placements or box imperfections to be defective or damaged. Their figures are machine painted and paint jobs may vary.

We will not accept returns if you are unhappy with the particular quality of the item. We inherit this policy directly from the manufacturer. Please contact Funko directly if you have an issue with the quality of their product.

Authenticity : In lieu of the vast amount of aftermarket fakes being sold from China, the Funko products we offer are primarily purchased directly from Funko directly or an authorized retailer. In the rare occasion we purchase a re-owned Funko product, the product and box are thoroughly inspected to verify authenticity before being offered for sale. We do not tolerate box or figure swaps. For this reason we do not accept Funko returns. 

Note : From one collector to another - if the price is too good to be true, it likely is! Do your homework before supporting the widespread of fakes in to the collecting community. If someone is offering 100 qty of an extremely limited comic con exclusive for $18 each they are not selling authentic Funko product and should be reported on the marketplace they are selling from.

PPG/Hobby DB : We do not align our prices with this website for several reasons including the above issue with aftermarket prices affecting their estimated values and often product pricing may not be updated for a significant amount of time. Please do not ask us to match their estimates. Please do not message us advising our prices are not matching their site. These messages will not be replied to.